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P7S Leavers Slideshow

Today was a day full of emotions as we said farewell to our P7s. They put on a fantastic final assembly for the rest of the school, sharing many of their memories from over the past seven years. As the assembly drew to a close, each P7 child was given the tie of their new school, so that they can take a little part of Waringstown Primary School with them as they move on along their educational journeys.

As Dr Seuss once said, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

The final slideshow from today, from P7S.

Primary 7 visit the Ulster American Folk Park


Primary Seven enjoyed their visit to the Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh this week to conclude their detailed study of the Irish Famine. The children heard much of the poverty and famine conditions as well as seeing the harsh living conditions in the 1800's. We were able to see soda bread being made on a griddle over a turf fire and sampled some pancakes made in this traditional way.

After arriving at the docks the guide explained how traumatic the crossing to America would have been with such cramped space below deck. After the sailing we arrived State side and saw the log cabins and ranch fencing as well as experiencing some delicious corn bread and cherry pie.

All in all, this fabulous visit brought the whole topic to life and complemented the classroom studies perfectly.

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Lurgan Junior High School SU visit our P7s

This afternoon a number of pupils from LJHS SU gave a presentation to our P7 pupils. We had a great afternoon with the Junior High pupils sharing all about their experience of secondary school life. There was time for questions and discussion as well as interactive games which was all rounded off with crisps and juice. It was lovely for us at Waringstown PS to see so many past pupils and how they have matured over the years.

A huge thankyou goes to Mrs Kennedy, SU Leader of LJHS, and her band of very willing and capable helpers. A thoroughly enjoyable and useful afternoon for all involved.

Primary Seven London Follow Up 2017

Rested and returned from their hectic trip to London, the primary sevens had great fun this afternoon during their role play about Parliament.

The new law being debated was suggested by Patrick Woods and agreed upon by Harry Wan and James Seifert.  This law involved the formation of new Post-Primary School in Great Britain – schools which would encourage more practical subjects and therefore, careers, such as in ICT, Engineering, Hotel Management and in traditional trades such as plumbing and gardening.  These new schools would exist alongside the current academically minded schools but would provide another route for pupils wishing to pursue these specialised careers.  The debate was whether the government would consider placing greater funding in this sector of Education.

The discussion was hot and heavy on the floor of the House but was presided over by a very able speaker, Callum McDowell, and two assistants, Harry and James.  The leader of the opposition was Niall Patience and the Prime Minister was Matthew Spence!

The vote held by the speaker at the end of the session was close but the decision was made to agree to the formation of these new schools and  the new bill was passed to the House of Lords for approval!

Careers in politics might also be a future option for some members of Primary Seven S!


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P7 STEM Challenge

This afternoon 12 teams of P7 pupils came to the hall to take part in our STEM Challenge. Each team had to design and construct a slow marble run, in which a marble had to travel as slowly and for as long as possible. It then had to be deposited and then stay in a container at the end of the run. The teams were given points on their designs, including factors considered, design ideas and their drawings (both from the side and bird's eye views). They were also given points on the construction and appearance of their slow marble run, and more point on the marble run's performance when tested with a marble.

Mr Brown and Mr Gault tested each of the Slow Marble Runs and have analysed the design sheets with the top two scoring teams being selected to represent Waringstown Primary School at the Sentinus Primary Stem Challenge 2017 in a few weeks.

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