2015-2016 Archive

Primary 7 Visit the Ulster American Folk Park

Primary Seven enjoyed a visit to the Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh this week to conclude the study of the Irish Famine and emigration.

The children heard much of the poverty and famine conditions as well as seeing the harsh living conditions in the 1800's.  The guide explained how traumatic the crossing to America would have been with such cramped space below deck. It's hard to believe that 8 - 12 weeks could have been spent crossing the Atlantic in a sailing ship whereas today we expect a similar crossing to pass within hours on a luxurious aeroplane whilst snacking and perhaps watching a movie.

 After the 'sailing' on a full scaled emigrant we arrived State side and saw the log cabins and ranch fencing  of the American Frontier.

All in all, despite the rain, this fabulous visit brought the whole topic to life and complemented the classroom studies perfectly.

P7 Get Face Painting!

P7 children have been learning the art of face-painting in Mrs Munce and Miss Young’s afternoon classes on a Monday.  Miss Young (who face-paints outside school) has been teaching them the various brush strokes and health and safety that goes with face painting.   They have done a great job and had lots of fun!!

Primary 7 Enjoy A Visit From Miss McKee In Preparation For London Visit


Primary Seven enjoyed a visit today from Margaret McKee who has lived and worked in London for over twenty years.  Miss McKee's work is in the Palace of Westminster. We normally meet Miss McKee on our London visit but this year, as she's working from home more often and home just happens to be ... you guessed it ... Waringstown, we were delighted to invite her into school today to tell us about her work in The Houses of Parliament. 

Her talk introduced us to some of the famous faces from parliament, past and present and informed the children of the building's Victorian heritage. We're now in a much more informed position to visit the palace and have been set some things to look out for when we're in the building.

Thank you Miss McKee for a wonderful talk!

P7E ICT Task

Today Primary 7E took part in very productive workshop run by Mr Egerton, where they learnt how to code using the program 'Scratch'. The children created their own project based around the topics of shape and angles, as part of the school's ICT accreditation. They're certainly 'itchy' to try out some more projects!!


See photos and video below:




For a more indepth look at what P7 created, follow the link below.  You will also find information about how you can use scratch online yourself.


Christmas Assembly Celebration Led By Primary 7


The whole school came together to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas in a P7 Assembly. Mrs Sloan and Mrs Erskine had prepared a wonderful Christmas Assembly along with Mr McCambley

Santa came to school with his reindeer and elves to teach the children about the real meaning of Christmas. Many of the Christmas traditions were explained and at the end, Santa stepped aside to make room for the crib and the Baby Jesus to be placed right at the HEART of the scene. A small group closed the assembly with a rendition of ‘In the bleak mid-winter’ and a prayer.

P7 Visit to the Argory


As part of their study of The Victorians the Primary 7's visited The Argory, a National Trust Property near Armagh. Whilst there, the children 'tried their hand' at various Christmas crafts from the era, such as quilling and corn crafts. Each child dressed in Victorian costume too.

Towards the end of the visit we were allowed in to the mansion house where we sang carols on the landing accompanied on the pipe organ. In Victorian times there would have been daily prayers for the whole household staff on the landing so for our children it was like stepping back in time to experience a true Victorian Christmas in The Argory.

This very enjoyable day concludes the detailed study of the Victorian era.