2014-2015 Archive

P7 Trip to the Ulster American Folk and Transport Museum

Primary Seven enjoyed their visit to Omagh this
week to conclude their detailed study of the Irish Famine.

The children heard much of the poverty and famine conditions as well as seeing
the harsh living conditions in the 1800's.

The guide explained how traumatic the crossing to America would have been with
such cramped space below deck. It's hard to believe that 8 - 12 weeks could
have been spent crossing the Atlantic in a sailing ship whereas today we expect
a similar crossing to pass within hours on a luxurious aeroplane whilst
snacking and perhaps watching a movie. We have no idea how bored our ancestors}
would have felt on such a sailing to say nothing of how frightened they would
have felt during violent sea storms.

After the sailing we arrived State side and saw the log cabins and ranch
fencing as well as experiencing some delicious corn bread made from the maize

All in all, this fabulous visit brought the whole topic to life and
complemented the classroom studies perfectly.

P7 Titanic

Primary 7 had a double Titanic treat last week as they concluded their topic work on the great ship.

Mr Angus Waddington (lead architect on the Titanic Visitors Centre in the Titanic Quarter) came in to school to inform the P7's of his work as an architect. He also explained the design process behind the iconic building whilst explaining some of the myths surrounding the ship.

The next day P7 visited the Titanic Quarter and enjoyed a tour of the exhibition centre which meant so much more following Mr Waddington's talk.


Primary 7 Electricity Investigation

As part of Primary 7's topic on electricity the class have learning about conductors and insulators and how to make a circuit. Their challenge was then to design and making their own 'Steady Hand Game'

Perhaps we have some engineers in the making!!