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Titanic Revealed


Primary 7 were privileged today to welcome Mr Angus Waddington (parent) into school. Mr Waddington was the lead architect of the Titanic Visitors Centre in Belfast. As part of the P7 Literacy topic ‘Titanic,’ Mr Waddington guided the children through the whole design process of the building and its links with Harland & Wolff. He spoke about the design of the Queen’s Island site and the development of the building from its inception to completion.

 Facts and figures were discussed along with a few inside secrets related to the Titanic building. Several modern day myths were revealed too which follows through on the many myths already associated with the ill-fated ship.

 Following the presentation Mr Waddington presented each child with mementos from the Titanic Visitors Centre including the T- shirts we can see the children proudly wearing.

 Who knows, we may be looking at some of the next generation of architects!

 Many thanks to Mr Waddington for a most informative visit to P7.

P7 Mr McCambley's class study co-ordinates in 4 quadrants

P7 Mr McCambley's class have been studying co-ordinates in 4 quadrants as part of their detailed study of Shape & Space. The children have been designing 4 quadrant pictures linked with their Titanic topic.

The grids are all different and have challenged the children greatly to plot each of the co-ordinates in a sequence to join up an accurate picture.

We're very proud of the display and have enjoyed the challenge very much!

P7 Mr McCambley's class study co-ordinates in 4 quadrants

P7 Mr McCambley's famous Victorians

P7 have been very busy researching famous Victorian figures in their World Around Us with Mrs Erskine. The completed timeline proves what an inventive lot those Victorians were and what a clever group of P7's we have too. Figures researched included: John Cadbury, Elizabeth Gaskell, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Edison, Dr John Barnardo to name but a few. Mr McCambley is also proud of the papier mâché Queen Victoria head that he made. Whilst he claims she's a stunner, the children aren't convinced!

P7 Mr McCambley's class use Geo-strips

P7 Mr McCambley's class have begun their detailed study of Shape and Space in Using Mathematics. The geo-strips enable the children to assemble various 2D shapes and analyse the properties of each shape. The strips are super as they enable the children to form a rectangle and push or transform the shape into a parallelogram ... Ingenious when you're teaching internal angles!

P 7 Mr McCambley's class staged a Christmas Assembly

P 7 Mr McCambley's class staged a Christmas Assembly. The children had arranged for Santa Claus to make an appearance. He taught the children the REAL meaning of Christmas. It was such an important message as we move in to the start of our Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas!

Primary 7 stepped back into the Victorian era

Primary 7 stepped back into the Victorian era at The Argory near Armagh.

The visit connected with the current World Around Us topic of The Victorians. The children were involved in a most creative day as they found out that so many of our modern day Christmas traditions have their roots from Victorian times. Children made Victorian Christmas crackers with quilled cards and also made a corn angel. The fact that wealthy and poor children had a totally different christmas 'experience' was also developed over the day.

Our children enjoyed the visit very much, especially the Christmas recitation on the landing of the Argory staircase which culminated in the singing of Away in a manger.

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