2012-2013 Archive

Primary 7 Practical measurements

Primary 7 Mr McCambley's class made the most of the good weather this week and ventured out into the school grounds to record some practical measurements. This work should reinforce their current class work and ensure pupils can actually estimate length in practical (real life) situations. Once again, the MUGA proved an invaluable resource as we estimated, measured and finally calculated the length, width, perimeter and area of the pitch.

P7 - The meaning of our Names

P7 Mr McCambley's class have been using WordArt to present their names. They've also looked up the meaning and origin of their names. The display has been topped of with a baby photo of each child looking extremely innocent. 'Butter wouldn't melt'!

P7 Victorian fact files

Mr McCambley's class are busy working with Mrs Erskine on the Victorian topic. Each child has researched a famous Victorian and produced an informative fact file for the display. What an inventive period in our history indeed as we learn about landmark figures such as Prince Albert, William Booth, Pasteur, Edison, Bazalgette, Lister, Dickens and Nightingale to name but a few. WELL DONE P7 for choosing such a wide and varied list of Victorians.

P7 Volume Investigations

P7 Mr McCambley's class discovered and proved the link between metric measurements this week. We now know that 1 litre (1000 ml) weigh 1 kg (1000 g) and would contain 1000 cm cubes.

The metric link means we now know approximately what a litre bottle of Coke would weigh plus the plastic or glass bottle weight.

The children constructed their own box / cuboid which they attempted to waterproof using cling film. This done they then placed their cuboid on some kitchen scales and set the weight to zero. They calculated the volume of their cuboid, filled the water cylinder to the converted ml which they then poured into their cuboid and weighed.

We were amazed that:

5cm x 5cm x 5cm = 125 cm cubed

Weighed 125 g

Held 125 ml

10cm x 10cm x 10cm = 1000 cm cubed

Weighed 1000 g

Held 1000 ml

There wasn't one major flood either during the investigation so well done P7!

P7 Children in need

Mr McCambley had twice his normal marking on Friday as his class, along with the rest of the school, brought along their teddies to support the BBC's Children in Need. Everyone took part and several children even dressed their teddy in school uniform. Very smart!

p7mcc cin

Primary 7 Mr McCambley's class meet the characters from their novel

Primary 7 role played characters from Nina Bawden's classic novel 'Carrie's War' which they are studying in Guided Reading. The children had gone to great effort to ensure they looked the part:



Mrs Gotobed, Councillor Samuel Evans, Auntie Lou, Carrie and of course brother Nick made an appearance in class for some hot- seating with the rest of the class.

This is another great way to bring the book to life and one which we very much enjoyed!

P7 Japanese Research

Primary 7 Mr McCambley's class have been busily researching and preparing their presentations on various aspects of life in Japan. Japan is the focus of their World Around Us study on the developed world. The children chose topics such as Japanese food, sport, school, culture, technology and fashion.