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Smile Please!

Today there was a world famous photographer in school! Yes really!

Smile Please!

Mr McCambley's Primary 7 Class staged an Assembly for the whole school to start our Christmas Fun Day off. The play was entitled 'Smile Please'. A famous photographer visited school with his wife to take the Christmas photo. Many people came from far and wide including: Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus, carol singers, shepherds, wise men, a woodman with his family who'd brought along the Christmas tree, Bishop Nicholas, Charles Dickens with Scrooge and finally Santa and Mrs Claus with reindeer, sleigh bells, elves... the lot!

Unfortunately, the photographer felt that the photo was too crowded with Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus so he removed them to make more room for Santa and his entourage.

Thankfully, order was restored and Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus were brought back into the CENTRE of the photo and the centre of the celebrations.

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P7 Mr McCambley's going 'batty'!!

P7 Mr McCambley's class have been researching and learning all about bats.


It's been very interesting researching this topic and you can see some of their Bat Fact files on display. The children have even made a little bat Pom Pom. It must also be said that Mr Kennedy did jump, just a little, when he came through the door after the bats were hung up!

Anne Frank art in the style of Paul Klee

P7 Mr McCambley's class have created Anne Frank portraits in the style of Paul Klee using hot and cold colours.


Paul Klee's most famous painting , Senecio, or the face, inspired the class to create an Anne Frank portrait. Klee is considered a Swiss and German artist.

‘Titanic Assembly’ by Primary 7 Mrs Sloan

The Titanic was the main theme of our School Assembly on Friday the 10th February 2012. The assembly took the form of a mini production by Primary 7 Mrs Sloan's class, they acted out the sinking of the Titanic, with sound and lighting effects included. The cast were dressed in appropriate period costumes and even included the instrumental group we are all so familiar with from the Titanic Ship.


This year is the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic and Primary Seven have been studying some of the events which led up to the tragedy, the reasons why it happened and the safety procedures which were put in place as a consequence of this terrible loss of life. The Assembly message was based around John 15 v 3 'Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends'. The children held their audiences attention through poems, a piano recital, role play, bible readings and prayers.


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P7 Mr McCambley's Japanese fans on display

Mr McCambley's class have designed and painted Japanese fans as part of their detailed study of Japan with Mrs Erskine. The children enjoyed designing and researching how to decorate their fans and the end product certainly is FANtastic! SORRY but I couldn't resist.

Japanese Fans