2016-2017 Archive

Fairtrade Fortnight

During the Fairtrade Fortnight, the children in P6 had Gemma and Emma in from Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council.

The two ladies had a PowerPoint concerning Fairtrade and played a retailer consumer game with the children.

Both classes thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to learning more about Fairtrade in Primary .

Thank you Gemma and Emma 

P6 Reach The 7 Mile Marker into Their Half Marathon


Primary 6 recently celebrated reaching their 7 mile marker in working towards completing their Half Marathon.  The enthusiasm and skills displayed each week from the children is very encouraging and Mrs Williamson and Mrs Brown continue to enjoy leading this Primary 6 group to their Half Marathon achievement.

P6S Make Some Fairtrade Presentations

P6S had a great afternoon today making some Fairtrade presentations.  The presentations were to show their peers what they have learnt about Fairtrade during our topic so far.

The children had to use Adobe Spark video to create their presentations where they had to add a theme, add music, add images/videos and add some narration.

The children had great fun and have produced some wonderful work.  It is great to use the iPads in a WAU topic to show off what we know!

Click on Read more to see all the presentation videos from each group.

P6B Making ICT Work!

What an afternoon! Today, the P6B class took ICT to a new level. They used Adobe Spark Video to record and edit a small clip about their WAU topic of Fairtrade.

Each group had to include photographs, music and a theme in their clips which were then watched and peer assessed by the class.

A very enjoyable afternoon of hard work and fun with ICT was had by all!

Well done P6B!  


P6S Learn about the Litter Problem

On Wednesday (25th January) it was the turn of P6S to learn about litter awareness.

The children were fascinated by the information presented to them and they learnt a lot about the problems of litter.  The children were particularly moved by the fact that over £3million is spent by ABC every year just collecting litter! Just imagine what else the council could do with that money if it wasn't literally being thrown away!

P6S will certainly be doing our part to make sure we deal with litter in our area.

Thank you Pamela for talking the time to come in and talk to us.


P6B Are Litter Aware!

On Tuesday 24th January, Pamela from ABC (Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon council) came in to talk to the children all about litter awareness.

The children enjoyed the activities and were amazed that it could take a million years for some of our litter to disappear!

A really lovely morning.  Thanks Pamela!

P6S Farm to Fork Visit

On Monday Primary 6 Mr Somerville's class travelled to Tesco in Lurgan for the Farm to Fork experience.

The children had a great day, learning all about where in the world their food comes from and getting a behind the scenes look into the workings of a Tesco store. One of the most exciting parts of the trip was getting to go into the Tesco Cold and frozen storage units.  The temperature in the Frozen store was - 12 degrees centigrade.  It was really cold!

The children were treated to lots of healthy food on the trip and really enjoyed tasting some of the more unusual fruits.

A huge thank you must go to Edel from Tesco for showing us round and looking after us so well on our trip.

Click on the Read more link for a full gallery of photos and a video podcast of the trip!




P6B Farm to Fork Trip

On Monday 16th January, P6B travelled to Tesco Lurgan for its annual Farm to Fork challenge.  The children were shown all around the Tesco branch and sampled lots of the food! Yum!

How food reaches our forks was taught by Edel, our guide for the day.  The children were shown the freezers and allowed a walk into them.  They were at -19oC!

Fairtrade was also discussed and the children completed a work booklet on where certain food comes from.

At the end, the P6B children were treated to a snack of healthy fruit.

Thank-you Tesco! We loved the morning spent in your Lurgan store.



For a full gallery of photos from the trip, please click read more.

P6 Go Bananas for Fairtrade

Today in Primary 6, both classes took part in a "Fair" test.

The children had a blind taste test of two different bananas, one was Fairtrade and one was not.

The children had to mark the bananas out of 10 for appearance, smell and taste.  The children voted for their favourite.

In both classes, Banana A was chosen as the best in the blind test. The children were delighted to discover that they had chosen the Fairtrade option when the bananas were revealed.

A fun and tasty lesson for all.