2014-2015 Archive

P6 Flying High

What a day in the life of a P6 pupil!

Today, Thursday 18th June, both P6 classes came together to discuss the history of aircraft in WW2.  Both classes have entered Banbridge High School's competition of drawing a plane used by either Germany or Britain in WW2.

The WAU lesson ended with the children being set a "design challenge" of planning, making and then flying their aitcraft. Even the teachers, Mr Brown and Mr Somerville couldn't wait to take part!

Such a fun yet worthwhile WAU activity to help get the creative juices flowing.


P6 -Young Enterprise Day

Tuesday 16 June proved a most enjoyable day for both Primary 6 classes as they enjoyed the "Our Nation" Young Enterprise day.

The chldren learnt all about how products are produced, manufactured, distributed and sold throghout our nation.

The whole day was a most enjoyable experience and the children ended the session by desiging and producing a fruit juice carton.

Thanks Keira from young Enterprise and Elaine from Asda for all your input throughout the day.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and are already looking forward to their P7 Young Enterprise day next year, "Our World!" 


Pro-Bot Fun

Both Primary 6 Classes enjoyed working with the Pro Bots this week.

The groups were set a task to investigate how the Pro-Bot could be programmed to form a square.

Each group had twenty minutes to make their square. After twenty minutes, each group had to show their evidence of completing the practical investigation.  All groups passed with flying colours.


P6S Farm to Fork

Yesterday, Mr Somerville's Primary 6 class went on a class trip to Tesco.  The children had a fantastic time investigating where their food comes from.  They had to cary out investigations in the aisles regarding various foods and got to make some tasty snacks with bread cheese and ham.  


The children then got to see the store rooms and freezers at the back of Tesco that the public don't normally get to see.  The children were shocked at how cold the large freezer store is at minus 16 degrees centigrade and didn’t stay in for too long!


After this the children got to see how the bakery department works and helped the bakery team make pancakes and put the sugar donuts. 


The final part of the day was a healthy snack of fruit kebabs in the staff canteen.


This was a fantastic trip that the children really enjoyed and got a lot out of. 


P6B Farm to Fork

On Friday 2oth March P6B travelled over to Tesco in Lurgan for their farm to Fork tour.  The children found out how different products got onto the Tesco shelves.

The children were also treated to pancakes, cheese, ham cookies and fruit during the trip.

A big thank-you to Tesco Lurgan!


The Big Easter Egg Challenge

Both Primary 6 classes took part in the annual Big Easter Egg Numeracy investigation.

Both classes were divided up into 4 groups and given 1 Easter Egg.  Each group was then set the task of designing a box big enough for 8 such Easter Eggs to fit into exactly!

This linked into the P6 topic of volume in mathematics. The winning group could eat the egg between them!!

The children had no longer than 15 minutes to complete the Numeracy Investigation and EVERY member of the group had to take an active role, monitored by the two class teachers.

Ask the children did any group get to eat their egg!!!!

A great way to end our most recent Numeracy Topic.