2013-2014 Archive

Primary 6 Enjoy W5

The Primary 6 classes have been studying the topic of materials recently so no better educational visit than W5 Belfast.

The children all enjoyed the hands on experience and were particularly impressed with the Fizz, bang, pop investigation.


W5 5


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Treats Galore For Primary 6

On Thursday 13th March, the Fairtrade Representative from our local Sainsbury's store in Rushmere visited Primary 6. The classes were told all about Sainsbury's policy on Fairtrade and how it has more Fairtrade products than any other supermarket.

A Question & Answer session concluded the presentation but on leaving Sainsbury's ensured that all of our P6's had Fairtrade bananas and chocolate. A lovely treat, thank you so much Sainsburys!!

World Maths Day Hits P6

As Part of World Maths day, on Wednesday 12th March, both Primary 6 classes took up various maths challenges.

The classes were given an ultimate maths challenge and have a few days to hand in their answers.

Both classes also played maths games, recited tables and solved problems. Even during swimming the children were timed to keep maths to the fore during the day's celebration. 


Inspector Visits Primary 6

The Recycling Inspector at Craigavon Borough Council, Mr. Conor Kenny visited both Primary 6 classes on Monday 10th March. 

The children, studying materials in World Around Us at Present, were guided through the council's recycling initiatives, taking account of the reason for recycling.  

All children were presented with a pen made from rubbish thrown out in the Craigavon Area, two plastic drinking cups to be precise! 

A big thank you  to Conor for his presentation. 

Fairtrade Baking in P6

Two children in Primary 6 decided to treat the rest of the children with their homemade Fairtrade buns.  The children enjoyed using only Fairtrade ingredients - A big thank you to the two budding bakers in Primary 6! 

Both Primary six classes have been studying the positives of Fairtrade as their World Around Us topic. 


It was the first Friday Assembly of the new School Year and P6B went to town on RULES.

Every child had a speaking and acting part during a very informative assembly, which contained speech, drama, poetry and much more.

The School rules were acted out by P6B and all within the class thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being up on stage!