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A Viking in P6

With the two P6 classes studying the topic "The Vikings" in the World Around Us, a Scandinavian visitor was welcomed into Waringstown to share her knowledge of Sweden.

Both P6 classes had great fun in listening to some of the Swedish ways of life as well as learning about similarities and differences between the two countries.

At the end of a full hour the Swedish visitor was presented with a small gift to thank her for her fabulous presentation.

A Viking in p6 A Viking in p6

Reading, Reading and more Reading in P6

P6 World Book Day 006

World Book Day certainly had a big impact on both P6 classes on Thursday 7th March.  

All children gave a 1 minute talk on their favourite book of all time With Spot prizes for fantastic talks. These talks had to last for between 60 and 90 seconds and both classes seemed to enjoy the experience.  

The children were encouraged to read, read and then read again for up to an hour. 

Comic Reilef/Red Nose Day

All Primary 6 children celebrated Comic Relief with a World Around US (WAU) Challenge.

As Part of their Materials challenge, each child was given a piece of paper to design, make, name and fly a plane. 

The children investigated which was the best design in a "Flight Race" on the MUGA pitch.  All children thoroughly enjoyed the WAU Challenge!

P6 Red Nose Day Challenge 007

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Primary 6 goes 3D

Both P6 classes are now studying the topic of Rainforests.  As part of the topic the children have designed trees, branches, trunks, birds and animals and displayed them 3D on the class noticeboards. Both classes are delighted with the outcome.

Waringstown Class Displays 001
Waringstown Class Displays 002