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Vikings Invade Waringstown!

It is with fear and trembling that we have to report; Vikings have invaded Waringstown Primary school today and taken over the assembly hall! However, don't panic, it is only the P6 Viking day.

Viking Day

Today both Primary 6 classes took part in a Viking activity based day, where they faced a number of "Scandinavian" challenges, from building a wattle and daub wall, to playing a Viking game called Trip Trap Troll. All the children have taken part in a fun filled and action packed day and even got to meet a real life Viking! We are happy to report that by the end of the day all will be fully fledged Viking Warriors.

Below are some photos before, during and after some of the activities. Please click READ MORE to access the full set of 84 pictures.

Primary 6 Mr Brown’s Class Made the Right Choice!

Todays Assembly was the turn of Mr Brown's P6 class to show their talents on stage. Every child had a speaking part in what was an exceptional assembly centred around the theme of 'Choices'.

P6 assembly

The children of P6B performed fantastically making sure the message was clear, that choices in life are very important.The rest of the classes listened attentively and enjoyed the humour in which the Assembly was delivered. Children dressed up as teachers, such as, Mrs Usher, Mr Somerville and even Mr Kennedy!

Well done to P6B Class!



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Primary 6 Mr Somerville's Assembly


Today's assembly was taken by Mr Somerville's class and was all about the story of Johnny Appleseed. Johnny Appleseed was an American folk hero who planted lots of apple trees right across Massachusetts State and into other parts of America. Johnny's idea was to provide free apples for anyone who needed them. Mr Somerville teaches his class this story each year and a grace to sing about it at break time. P6S thought that the whole school would like to hear the story and even sang the grace for them!


The story had two messages. Firstly that we should do what we can to help others like Johnny did and secondly that with all this talk about apples, we should remember to eat healthy foods! The class all performed fantastically and got their story and message across really clearly. Well done everyone.

Please click READ MORE to view the full set of pictures and listen to the audio of the assembly. There is also a PDF copy of the slideshow that was used.

Download this file (JohnnyAppleseed.pdf)Johnny Appleseed Slides[ ]1059 kB

Charlotte comes to Visit P6.

In primary 6 today, the class were finishing off the novel we have been studying, Charlotte's Web. The classes have really enjoyed reading and working with this Novel and were sad to be finishing it and handing in their books. Just when the books had been collected in Mr Somerville's room, an eagle eyed pupil spotted something in the sink – a massive grey spider!

The class were very excited and decided that it must be Charlotte, the spider from the story, coming to say a final farewell! The spider was promptly caught and released into the playground, where it scurried off up the wall and disappeared. This was the most fitting end to the novel that Mr Somerville and Mr Brown could remember.

Primary 6

Primary 6 Mr T Brown and Mr I Somerville are located in Key Stage Two in Classrooms 11 & 14 respectively.

Mr Brown's Class - 2011-12

Mr Brown's Class - 2011-12

Mr Somerville's Class - 2011-12

Mr Somerville's Class - 2011-12