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Primary 5 Enjoy A Visit To Stormont Parliament Buildings and Estate

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Primary 5 enjoyed a special visit to Stormont Parliament Buildings where they met local MLA Mrs Joanne Dobson.  Mrs Dobson met us in the Great Hall and welcomed the boys and girls to Stormont.  We were given an outline of the history of Stormont Buildings by a tour guide.  The children of Primary 5 showed a very good knowledge of the building and were able to answer all the questions asked!  Mrs Dobson arranged a special visit to the Assembly Chamber where there was a debate taking place on Budget matters.  The Senate Chamber was also in use where they were discussing Education matters.


After the tour we met with the Ulster Wildlife Guides.  The children embarked on an exploratory walk and bug hunt around the grounds of Stormont Estate.  The children enjoyed the overall trip and we hope that they may encourage you to visit the Stormont grounds over the Summer Holidays!  Click on the link below to view more photographs of our day.

Primary 5 Enjoy A Visit From The Dogs Trust

Primary 5 enjoyed a visit from the Dogs Trust recently.  They were entertained by Jed who was a collie dog owned by one of the ladies representing the Dogs Trust.

The children were educated in how to look after a dog, there was a question and answer session as the plenary where the children gained further information.  

For further information on the The Dogs Trust click on the following link: https://www.dogstrust.org.uk

P5W Visit Tayto!


Primary 5 Mrs Williamson's class recently visited Tayto.  The children enjoyed the experience of seeing how crisps are made from potato to crisp.  They had a tour of the factory and were able to sample a range of the products made within the factory.  The children had a visit from Mr Tayto himself, they all enjoyed posing for a photograph!

Click on the link below to view more photographs of their visit:

Primary 5 Enjoy Success!

Primary 5 recently celebrated the success of three of their class friends with the special 'Mr McCambley has heard about YOU!' cards.  Everyone is working hard and endeavouring to do their best, well done and keep up the hard work!


Primary 5 Enjoy Investigation Fun With Miss McAnearney

Primary 5 have recently enjoyed Miss McAnearney in their classroom.  They have been busy building circuits to investigate how they could maintain the temperature in a Penguin's habitat.  Miss McAnearney has now moved to Primary 1 to broaden her experience within the Primary School.

A great time with Miss Jess

P5 Mrs Peacocke‚Äôs class have been very lucky to have Miss Jess, from Stranmillis University, with us for the past couple of weeks.  She has been teaching us lots about Playscripts, Dividing, Perimeter and Penguins.  We have loved working with her and we would like to thank her very much for her hard work preparing all the fun lessons and for teaching us Over the past few weeks. We would like to wish her all the very best as she moves to Primary 1 on placement and in her future teaching career.  Thank you Miss Jess!

Check out some photos of the activities we took part in with Miss Jess!


Primary 5 Get Busy In The Classroom!

Primary 5 have been enjoying their topics in Term 2.  They have been studying Playscripts, Division and the topic of Penguins.  Primary 5 and Mrs Williamson have really enjoyed working with Miss McAnearney recently.  Miss McAnearney is a student teacher and has been busy helping out in Primary 5.


Please take a look through our photo album to see how we have been getting on: