2010-2011 Archive

Primary 5

Primary 5 Mrs J Erskine and Mrs S Williamson are located in Key Stage Two in Classrooms 9 & 10.

Mrs Erskine's Class

Mrs Erskine's class - 2011

Pictured are Mrs Erskine and her class

Mrs Williamson's Class

Mrs WIlliamson's class - 2011

Pictured are Mrs WIlliamson and her class

Primary 5 'Bee Safe' Visit

Primary 5 attended the 'Bee Safe' event in March at the Gordon Playing Fields, Lurgan.  They enjoyed this experience and learned much about Health and Safety in the Home and in their Environment.


These pictures show a demonstration of the dangers of 'chip pan fires' by the Fire Safety Officers.

 P5 'Bee Safe' Visit

The Fire Safety Demonstration on 'Chip Pan' Fires 

Listening Carefully!

Listening carefully to the Fire Safety Officer in charge

Primary 5 Mrs Williamson's Assembly

On Friday 1st April Mrs Williamson's Primary 5 performed an Assembly based on the theme 'Working Together'.  They worked very hard on preparing this assembly and everyone had a part to play.


Take a look at our pictures:

Assembly Welcome - 'Working Together' P5W 

We made a Powerpoint to display on the
screen to welcome everyone to our Assembly.

Playing the Recorder P5W

As each class entered the Assembly Hall
we played the Recorder. 

We played two pieces - 'Joe Joe' and 'Hot Cross Buns'.

Vouchers For Schools

Primary 5 Mrs Erskine's class are busy counting and collating all the vouchers for schools ready to send off for our new batch of equipment.

Hard at work!

This year we have 'our eye' on some hi-tech recording microphones for each class. That way children can carry out interviews and sound surveys enabling them to upload sound bytes onto the website or into their PowerPoint presentations.

P5 Tayto Visit

Primary 5 visited Tayto Castle on Friday as part of their topic on Northern Ireland and its products. Mr Kennedy stressed to the children the fact that they were seeing the factory working at full tilt although judging by the amount of free samples consumed the factory may have been working beyond maximum output!!!

P5 Tayto Visit

P5 Tayto Visit