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P4 Trip to Folk and Transport Museum

Today our P4s enjoyed a day out to Cultra. When they arrived they went straight into the Transport Museum and explored the exhibits on display. It was fascinating to see numerous methods of transport used both in the past and present by land, sea and air.

After the children had gone around all the displays and completed the tasks Mrs McClelland set, they enjoyed their lunch in 'the barn.' Thankfully, the rain held off and the boys and girls had a chance to run around outside before heading back home.

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P4 Taking to the skies

As part of our WAU topic on “Journeys” we were treated today to a talk by Mr Knott, Amelie’s dad, who is a pilot for Easyjet. Mr Knott came in his Captain’s uniform and showed us that the stripes on the cuffs of a pilot’s uniform can show how senior and experienced they are.

We were fascinated to learn that a plane stores its fuel in the wings. We were also amazed to see the inside of a cockpit and instrument panel that a pilot uses to fly the plane. Mr Knott even has a button to press and a member of the cabin crew will bring him a cup of tea!

Mr Knott explained how pilots follow special maps to show which airway they should take to which destination. He also brought an oxygen mask and life jacket which are stored on a plane should we need them.

We learned that pilots have to work hard at school and when they get their pilot’s licence they continue to do tests and exams every six months.

Mr Knott recorded a special message for us from the cockpit of his plane when he was flying home from Iceland. He was flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

We all really enjoyed the day and are so pleased Amelie asked her dad to come and share his story with us!

Our P4s want to say a massive thankyou to Mr Knott, one of our parents, who came into school to talk to us about being a pilot! Our boys and girls got to see lots of the equipment he uses as a pilot, and got to see inside the cockpit (thanks to video footage) of the plane that Mr Knott flies.

We all thoroughly enjoyed this information session.

Primary 4 enjoy 'Our Community' Young Enterprise Day

Today both Primary 4 classes enjoyed the "Our Community" Young Enterprise day. 

The children learnt all about the different sorts of jobs and roles people have in a community. They worked in groups to design their own communities which involved a lot of decision making. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

A huge thanks goes to Young Enterprise for providing this experience.

WW2 in P4

Today in P4 the children travelled back in time to experience World War 2.

When the children arrived in their wonderful outfits they went straight up to the muga. They were sent on an imaginary train journey back to the 1940s and when they arrived at their destination, names were called out and the children went into different groups. These groups then walked down into the school building to take part in rationing, evacuation, air raid activities, craft, investigations, and food tasting. They also had the chance to look through our wonderful museum of artefacts, created using items provided by the Council and from many of our own parents, grandparents and great grandparents (THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH!)

For break the pupils also had either ham, jam or cheese sandwiches, wrapped in brown paper, and an apple, just like the children of the 1940s.

The children also got to watch some cartoons from the WW2 era and had a sing a-long with numerous war-time songs.

The highlight of the day was listening to our guest speakers; James, who was an evacuee as a child, George, a messenger cub scout during the war, and Dorothy, who grew up in an English village where many evacuees were sent.

A huge thankyou to all parents who got your children ready for the day (what fantastic costumes), and especially to those parents and grandparents who gave up their time to come in and help out. Thanks must also be given to Craigavon Museum Services who brought in many resources and volunteers to work with the children. We all loved it

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P4 Art work through to All Island judging panel!

We were delighted to receive a letter from the Department of Education informing us that three of our Year 4 pupils' art work has been forwarded on to all island judging panel, and will be framed, mounted and exhibited in the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, during the 2016/17 school year, where all-island prizes will also be decided upon.

The Department of Education were running an all island art competition entitled 'Imagining the Ireland of 2116.' Pupils had to create a poster illustrating what they would like to see by 2116. All entries were judged by the Arts Council NI, with three of ours being shortlisted for the next stage in this competition.

Well done guys

P4 Measures

Primary 4 have been learning about measuring length. We have been discussing the difference between millimetres, centimetres, metres and even kilometres. We've also been estimating lengths and then measuring them to see how good our estimations were.

Today we were measuring worms!!

P4 experience the Arctic...for real!

Today Primary 4 had a fantastic experience when we contacted Bishop Darren McCartney who lives in Iqaluit, Frigid. He is a bishop of the Diocese of The Arctic! This was a superb opportunity for our Primary 4 children to learn more about the Arctic, a topic we are studing in World Around Us. We prepared questions and had an opportunity to ask a few to the Bishop. We learnt how people mainly travel by ski-doo to get around (or plane for longer journeys). We also learnt that Polar Bears are extremely dangerous and that they even hunt humans!

The pupils and teachers loved being able to see what the Arctic actually looks like as Bishop McCartney took us outside his home to see around,in the -24 degree temperature!

We would like to say a huge thankyou to the Reverend Martin for getting in touch with his friend, Bishop McCartney, and organising this. We also want to thank the Bishop McCartney for giving us his time, and we must thank Mr Somerville for being able to set all this up over the internet!

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P4 Investigation Homework

As part of our WAU topic on Polar lands our home learning investigation is to research a Polar animal/bird of choice. With adult assistance please decide on the animal you would like to research.

Below is a helpful link to BBC bitesize Polar animals and Polar habitats with useful information and video clips for your research:


This next link is to the Dorling Kindersley site on Polar animals with lots of useful information and labelled photographs for your research:


You have one week (until Wed 03 Feb) to complete this research and produce your typed report.

Happy learning and have fun!

P4 Trip to Palace Stables

In preparation for our World Around Us topic, "Life in the Recent Past," which includes the war years, P4 made a visit to the Palace Stables in Armagh. We were evacuees for the day and enjoyed a day steeped in the 1940's! We started off with an interactive discussion about how WW2 actually started which was very informative. We then had an interactive information session looking at the contents of an evacuee's suitcase and learning about what life was like in homes during the war as well as looking at gas masks for babies and children.

Our next stop was into a 1940's school room - very different to our own where children were "seen and not heard." Here we made our identity cards and personal labels which would have been with us at all times on our evacuation.

Following this we met "Sergeant Bilko," the GI soldier from Texas. He told us what his job was liked, and trained a few of us on our gun handling. He even gave us some nicknames, just like he said it was in the army.

In another room, we met the evacuation officer, Mr Smyth. He told us all about how and why evacuation took place. He also told us about the importance of "black outs" for homes and air raid shelters to keep us safe from German bombs. We even visited an air raid shelter in the grounds of the Palace Stables. He made some of us wardens, who kept the rest of the class in order. 

We enjoyed a picnic lunch before heading back to school.

This day has really made us excited for all that we will be studying in World Around Us! While it was great fun we are all glad however, that we live in 2016 and not 1940!

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P4 Trip to Armagh Planetarium

Today Primary four visited the Armagh Planetarium to hear the story of 'The Mystery of the Christmas Star.'

The children watched a wonderful film on the story of the Christmas Star. The two classes then went on to hear interesting facts about meteorites and space travel.
This was followed by the creation of our own space rockets using plastic bottles, weights and card.  The children were given an opportunity to launch the rockets they had made and had great fun doing so!
Everyone had a great day out.
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