2012-2013 Archive

Primary 4 are Unique!

Primary 4 recently had a visit from the Community Police. We discussed how we were all unique and they took finger prints from all the children! We looked at the different finger print patterns such as swirls and loops. The Police Officers, Helen and Michael also showed the children how swabs of saliva from our mouths showed our D.N.A.

The children had a great day discovering about different ways to identify each other.

P4 Planetarium Trip

Primary Four recently took a trip to Armagh Planetarium to watch a presentation on 'The Mystery of the Christmas Star'. We have been studying and drawing stars in connection with our World Around Us topic , 'Celebrations'.

Both P4 classes enjoyed hearing about the different theories of the Christmas star and loved being in the theatre.

We then had a workshop on making our own rockets. In pairs the children were to make and design their own rockets.

After the rockets were made we took them outside and tested to see which one would travel the furthest. The children had to fill their bottles with water and Kerry, our guide, put them onto a rocket launcher!

Katie Paul ,Abbie Hampton , Katie Sandford and Lucy Lyttle won the rocket prize because their two rockets travelled the furthest.

It was a great day !!!

P4 Mrs McElhinneys Assembly

Primary Four chose the story of the Prodigal Son to perform in their assembly. Each child had an important part to play in the assembly, dressing up and learning their parts.

They enjoyed turning the story from the Bible into a wonderful play.

Primary 4 World War 2 Day is a Huge Success

As part of our topic 'Life in the recent past' P4 had a living history day.

The children came into school dressed as evacuee children with gas masks and suit cases.

They children were divided into six groups and rotated around 6 different workstations.

1. Air Raid drill

2. Water pump

3. Sandwich testing

4. making carrot cookies

5. creating propaganda posters

6. Looking at items rationed during the war.

Each child had an opportunity of experiencing different aspects of the war. They even had their own packed lunch of rationed food.

Having drilled for water, baked cookies tested disgusting sandwich fillings the children had a great day.