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P4 Enjoyed their Living History Day!

P4 went back in time to 1939 for the day. They were evacuated for the day, they had to scramble into Air Raid shelters to escape German bombers overhead. They played their part helping the Air Raid Wardens and they also got to explore lots of artefacts from the 1940's.

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The children really enjoyed watching cartoons from war time and ate a wartime break! Despite rationing P4 enjoyed their Wartime breaks and no one went hungry! The War Day for Primary 4 was a huge success and all of the children in Mrs McElhinney and Mrs McClelland's class dressed in wartime clothes. Even the teachers stepped back in time.

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Primary 4 visit to Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

P4 recently visited the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra which was linked to their Journeys topic in World Around Us.

P4 trip

The children enjoyed this experience immensely getting the opportunity to visit and see first hand the journey transportation has taken over the years. One of the main highlights of the trip was getting to go on the Flight Simulator. Even the teachers got to have a go!

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Primary 4

Primary 4 Mrs J McElhinney and Mrs D McClelland are located in Key Stage One in Classrooms 1 & 2 respectively.

Mrs McElhinney's Class - 2011-12

Mrs McElhinney's class - 2011-12

Mrs McClelland's Class - 2011-12

Mrs McClelland's class - 2011-12