2015-2016 Archive

P3s trip to the Zoo

Primary 3 had great fun at Bellevue Zoo.  Thankfully the weather was great, and the children had a great time seeing all the different animals.Highlights were at the gorilla house when the children were kept amused by the ‘antics’ of the gorillas.

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P3 Mini Beasts Hunt

Primary Three have started a new topic in the summer term on mini beasts. The children have enjoyed getting out and about in the beautiful weather to hunt in our school grounds for mini beasts.

They loved rummaging in the dirt looking for the creatures and we even managed to catch a few and study them. We did release them back into the wild, alive and well.

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Birds of Prey in P3

As part of our W.A.U Topic on ‘Birds’ Primary 3 really enjoyed their visit from Mr. Patterson and his ‘Birds of Prey’.  The children learnt all abouy the Barn Owl, the Buzzard and the Kestrel – what they eat; where they live and how they hunt.  The highlight came when the children had the opportunity to fly the birds.
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P3M - Garden Birds

This term Primary 3 are learning about Garden Birds and Birds of Prey.  They have been discovering the names of the different birds, their colours, what they like to eat and how they survive during the winter.  Today we used our I pads to draw different garden birds.

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P3 Toys

As part of our World Around Us topic primary 3 made a toy using an egg box, rods and wheels.  Our investigation was to see which surface our toy car travelled on best.  Primary 3 discovered that their car travelled on lino the best.

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Primary Three Assembly

Primary Three’s Assembly this week was about being thankful for our blessings. The children enjoyed performing the Story of the Ten Lepers and loved singing their song ‘Every Move I Make’.

It was a great morning and we can’t wait until the next one!!

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