2014-2015 Archive

P3 M Visit from the Zoo

Belfast Zoo came into visit us all in Mrs Matthews class. We saw some very interesting creatures, from all around the world. We even got to touch some of them. They were all very friendly (thankfully!!)

Look through the pictures to us with our new friends.

Primary Three Numeracy Games

P3 have been enjoying playing Numeracy games with dice and numbers up to 50.
In pairs the children select an unknown number and then roll the dice to add on to it.
This is a great way to reinforce our numbers bonds up to 50.
The children may also subtract the dice number to make the game more challenging.

P3McE Space Investigation

Space Investigation

Primary Three have been investigating to see which material would be the best to block out sounds in a space rocket.

They want to make soundproof headphones for the astronauts.

They wrapped a clock in different materials and counted the number of layers needed to block the tick of the clock.

They discovered that cotton wool was the best material  to make the earphones with because it was so thick.