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Primary 3 Enjoy Making Masks

As part of our English work on ”Instructions”…Primary Three have been looking at when, where and how instructions are used.

Great fun was had by all when the children designed and wrote instructions on how to make their own mask.

The finished product was brilliant with every child producing a wonderful piece of art!!

Take a look at our finished masks:

Birds of Prey Visit Primary 3

As consolidation of our World around Us topic on Birds, Primary Three really enjoyed themselves when Mr Patterson arrived with his Birds of Prey!

It was with great excitement that they learned about the Barn Owl, the Kestrel and the Peregrine falcon. The highlight of the visit was when the children got to handle these magnificent creatures and feed them. 

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Primary 3 lead Assembly on Charlene’s Project

Primary 3 Mrs McCollum's class recently lead an assembly on 'Being Thankful'.

resized DSCN2203

The children spoke so well and Mrs McCollum was very proud of them. A slide show was shown to the whole school on Mrs McCollum and Mrs McClelland's recent visit to Uganda with Charlene's Project. Our children listened and watched the slide show so well. During the slide show everyone was able to see how the children in Uganda appreciated the sweets our school had collected for this trip. Mrs McCollum thanked all the boys and girls in Waringstown Primary School for their contribution, as all the Haribo sweets were given to the children in Hidden Treasure and Kahara Schools. All of the classes from Primary 1 to Primary 7 will follow this assembly up by doing a Sponsored Walk in aid of Charlene's Project on Friday the 13th December.

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Primary 3 take a look at Old Toys!


Primary Three had great fun today when Mr Talbot visited our classroom with his old Max 700 toy.

Carrie’s Grandad got his Max 700 motorbike from Santa Claus when he was a little boy. It is about 64years old.

Mr Talbot explained and demonstrated how the toy worked by winding it up with a key.

The children watched with delight to see the little man get on and off his motor bike. Mr Talbot answered many questions asked by Primary Three about toys he played with an apple and an orange!!

He certainly treasured and looked after his special toy.