2018-2019 Archive

Primary 2 Pirates Invade WPS!

Primary 2 recently enjoyed a special pirate-themed day in school.  They all dressed up as pirates, listened to pirate stories and sang pirate songs!  They made pirate hats and played pirate games!  Everyone enjoyed pirate-ship oranges and they made their own pirate biscuits.  The boys and girls got their faces painted and finished the day with a treasure hunt for chocolate coins.  What a busy day - aarr, harr!!

A Visit To The Beach For Primary 2

Primary 2 enjoyed a fun-filled day at Seapark beach.  The weather stayed dry for their visit and the children played games, played in the sand, collected shells and had a paddle in the sea.  They even waved to an aeroplane flying overhead.  Take a look through our photo gallery to see if you can spot the plane!  After our picnic, we fed the seagulls and waved goodbye to the beach.  The children had a super day and enjoyed a visit from the ice cream van - yummy!

Primary 2 Enjoy A Visit From RNLI

Primary 2 recently enjoyed a visit from the RNLI.  Paul taught us how to stay safe at the beach and in the water.  The children learned that they must always 'Stop and Think' and 'Stay Together' when near the water.  They also heard a wonderful poem about 'Flea', the dog who got into trouble in the water!

The children all learned a little rhyme to help them stay safe ...

I will NEVER ... go near WATER ... without an ADULT!

We practiced how to float 'like a starfish' and Paul encouraged us all to try this with an adult as a special homework!

The four most important things children should remember when they are around rivers, lakes or the sea:




4. CALL 999 or 112

A huge thank you to Paul and the RNLI for delivering such an important message to Primary 2.

Primary 2E Host An Assembly On FAITH, HOPE And LOVE

Recently Primary 2 Miss Ervine's class presented their assembly on the topic of 'Houses and Homes'.  They showed us the different types of houses we live in and performed the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'.

The assembly taught us about the importance of building our lives on strong foundations and how we can do this by choosing to follow God and by showing  FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.

The class worked really hard preparing for their assembly and enjoyed performing it for the rest of the school.  Miss Ervine and Mrs McCracken were very proud of Primary 2!

Primary 2 Visit Palace Stables


Primary 2 travelled to Armagh Palace Stables today for our ‘Apple Trip’.  We learned how apples come from the tree, to the factory, to the shops and to our homes.  We saw how apple juice was made in the 1700’s and how to make apple potato bread.  We made our own apple core using card, lollypop sticks and string. A super day was enjoyed by all the children! J

Primary 2 Get Busy Making Apple Pies

Children from Primary 2 recently got busy with apples!  They stewed the Bramley apples with Mrs McCracken and then, together as a whole class, made the pastry, rolling out the dough and cutting a circle shape for the base and top. They used the stewed apple to fill the pies. Every child loved making their very own apple pie.

The only challenge was keeping it until home time!! J