2015-2016 Archive

Primary 2 Enjoy A Visit From A Builder

A huge thank you to Jenson’s Dad Jeff who visited us in P2 today. He taught us all about being a builder. We learned about the tools he needs and what he should wear on the building site. We loved learning all about it. Thank you, Jeff!

P2 Enjoy A Visit From Caleb's Dad

Today Primary 2 had a visit from Caleb’s dad. He spoke to us about his amazing job as an architect, showing us many of the very creative buildings that he has designed. Thank you so much Mr Thompson for taking the time to come teach us about the role of an architect. J

Primary 2 Take A Walk Through The Village

Our topic in P2 this term is ‘Houses and homes’. We went on a walk around Waringstown to try and spot the kinds of houses and buildings we have been learning about. We found detached and semi-detached houses, terraced houses, bungalows, Waringstown House, shops, restaurants, the war memorial etc. The children shared clipboards to mark down the buildings they spotted. It was cold but we had a lovely walk and learned a lot!

Primary 2 Perform The Little Star Assembly

Primary 2 have been busy preparing their class assembly, ‘The Little Star’. They all had fun learning about how unique we all are and how God has a special job for each of us no matter how insignificant we feel at times. The children all took part and had great fun on the day performing it for the whole school, including the nursery!

Primary 2 Get A Visit From The Dentist

P2 are learning about ‘Wonderful me’ and their topic this week is being healthy.  We invited a dental nurse into school to teach us about how to keep our teeth and gums healthy.  Karen taught us how to brush our teeth properly.  She showed us the insisors, canines and molars and we learned about food that was healthy and unhealthy for our teeth.  We were surprised to learn that we should always wait 20 mins before brushing teeth after eating sugary foods!  Thank you to Karen who has been brilliant today…we have learned so much and got a free tooth brush and dental gloves home!  Thank you!