2013-2014 Archive

Water Safety In Primary 2

Primary 2 have been learning about water in Term 3. We have learned about water safety at the swimming pool and at the beach. The children enjoyed a visit from a local lifeguard, Justin and a visit from a rep from the RLNI, Colin.

We learned about how to stay safe in the water and what to do if we get into trouble or encounter someone who needs help.

We can identify the different flags flying on the beach and understand the danger they represent. This will be useful for the summer holidays! J

More Mother's Day Delights In Primary 2!

The children in Primary 2 Mrs Munce's class recently made Mother's Day buns!  They decorated each bun themselves and also drew a picture of their mums to put in with the gift.  They made some extra buns so as they could taste them - yum!!

Primary 2 Perform Assembly On The Theme Of 'The Wise Man And The Foolish Man'

Primary 2 had great fun performing their assembly about 'The Wise Man and The Foolish Man'.  Everybody had a line to say or a part to play.  They practiced extremely hard and Mrs McConville and Mrs McKee were both very proud. Well done P2!

Primary 2 Mrs Munce’s Class performed a Super Snowman Assembly

Today we performed our P2 Snowman assembly! We took the theme of the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ to write our assembly together.

God makes every Snowflake unique, just as He made all of us unique.  He forms a snowflake in a wonderful way, attaching a piece of dust and a drop of water together, forming a crystal.  This crystal makes a journey through the sky and forms a snowflake.  Children enjoyed dancing to ‘Dance of the sugar plum fairies’ to represent this!

The children stuck snowflakes together, to build a real-life snowman! This was to show how we can help to build the Kingdom of God when we work together.

We read from the Bible Isaiah chapter 1 verse 18:  “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow.”

We finished our assembly by singing a made-up version of the song ‘Do you want to build a Snowman’ from Disney’s Frozen.  

The children each built their own snowman bun back in class!

A fun ‘Snowman-filled’ day by everyone in P2 Mrs Munce’s Class!

P2 are learning about apples

P2 are learning about apples as part of their apple topic.

We have studied the inside of the apple and labelled the stalk, skin, pip, flesh and core. We tasted varieties of apples and decided on our favourite. We then tasted different apple products including apple pie, stewed apples, apple rice and apple juice.

P2 Mrs Munce's class made individual apple tarts and wrote about how we made them.