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Primary 2 Mrs Boyce’s Assembly

Mrs Boyce P2 performed an Assembly on 'Jesus is Our SuperHero' on Wednesday 14th December 2011. Each child had a part to play in speaking, acting and singing.

P2 Assembly

The whole school really enjoyed their performance of the song 'Jesus is Our SuperHero' and the costumes added extra excitement!

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'Our Winter Play' assembly hosted by Primary 2 Mrs Sloan

On Friday 20th February 2012 Primary 2 Mrs Sloan hosted our School Assembly. The Assembly was entitled 'Our Winter Play' and was based on the theme of 'Honesty'. The assembly held the attention of all classes from P1 to P7 with the wonderful costumes, dance and music. The girls danced to a lovely melody, very ably lead by Mrs Parks while the whole class were lead by Mrs McKee singing 'Little Jackie Jack Frost'.

P2S Winter Play Assembly

Mrs Sloan was very proud of Primary 2, when they returned to class they drew pictures and wrote about their Assembly experience.

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Primary 2 Mrs Boyce's class prepare for Mother’s Day

Primary 2 Mrs Boyce have been preparing special little gifts for Mother's Day.

Mothers day p2b

The class enjoyed decorating their cards as well as writing their certificates. Most of all they enjoyed baking and decorating their Mother's Day cupcakes . . . . Mrs Boyce only hopes they make it as far as their mummies and not into P2 tummies!

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Primary 2 Mrs Boyce Educational Visit to W5

Primary 2 went to W5 on Friday 11th May. They enjoyed exploring the different stations and experimenting with water, music and shopping. They also got the opportunity to engage in a science experiment with slime. This was a big highlight of their day discovering if the slime was a gas, solid or a liquid. A great day was had by all the children and even the adults too!!

Primary 2

Primary 2 Mrs J Sloan and Mrs J Boyce are located in the Foundation Stage in Classrooms 6 & 5 respectively.

Mrs Sloan's Class - 2011-12

Mrs Sloan's Class - 2011/12

Mrs Sloan's Class - 2011-12

Mrs Boyce's Class - 2011/12