Primary 2

Primary 2 Walk

Primary 2 spent a lovely morning walking around Waringstown village, observing the different types of homes and buildings. The children worked with a partner and recorded their findings on their tick sheet.


Primary 2 Polar Express Day

Primary 2 were recently having a ‘Polar Express’ themed week in school.  To start the exciting fun filled week the children came to school dressed in their pyjamas! The children enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and cookies while watching the Polar Express movie.  All activities completed were based around the story of the Polar Express.

Primary 2 Apple Day

The Primary 2 children enjoyed taking part in Apple Day!

Everyone came to school dressed in the colour of their favourite apple. We coloured in, made apple prints and counted and drew pips in apples.  The children enjoyed apple-themed PE games in the hall in the morning and had apple pancakes and apple sweets as part of their break!

We all enjoyed playing a selection of apple-themed numeracy games before getting ready for home.  The children enjoyed taking home an apple pie and apple sweet each – yum!

Tasting Apples In Primary 2!

Our first week on ‘apples’ has been lots of fun.

We started the week by planting our apple seeds in the lovely sunshine pretending to be Johnny Appleseed. The children enjoyed getting creative during structured play, making their own apples and painting apple trees. We finished off the week by tasting six different types of apples, can you tell which child was tasting the Brambley?

Primary 2 Plant Apple Seeds

Primary 2 enjoyed planting their own apple seeds.  They added soil to their pot, planted the seed and watered it.  We also talked about how it is important that the seeds have sunlight to grow.  Everyone is really looking forward to watching what happens over the coming weeks!