2018-2019 Archive

Primary 1 Take A Flight To The Sun!

Primary 1 children recently enjoyed a day they will never forget.  The children came to school dressed for a flight to the sun.  They checked in with their passports and luggage.  Christine gave them boarding passes and the children went through security and into the departure lounge.  Captain Knott shared lots of information about aeroplanes and his job before we boarded the aeroplane.  A huge thank you to Pilot Captain Adrian Knott and Cabin Crew member Christine! 

After take off the children relaxed and enjoyed an inflight snack served by Christine and some Primary 1 members of the Cabin Crew.  Captain Knott landed the aeroplane safely and gave us all Log Books and gliders - it was a really special day as you can see from our photo gallery - enjoy!

Primary 1 Enjoy A Visit To The Butchers

As part of our Farm Topic, Primary One went to the village butchers to investigate what meat comes from a pig.  Trader D showed the children various pork cuts including a pig's trotter!  We brought some cocktail sausages back to school to cook and eat - they were delicious!

Thank you Trader D and thank you also to Mr McKittrick who accompanied us on our walk to ensure we crossed the road safely.  We enjoyed every part of this investigation!

Primary 1 Host A World Book Day Assembly

Primary 1 had great fun performing in their first school assembly.  Their assembly was based on World Book Day and gave a great message to all the boys and girls that the best book to read is the BIBLE.  Everyone came to school dressed as their favourite book character.  Primary 1 performed fantastically and remembered their lines brilliantly, as well as singing and dancing.  Well done Primary 1!

Primary 1 Enjoy A Surprise Puppy Visit!

This week, Primary 1 have been learning all about baby animals.  On Friday we had a surprise visit from Mrs Gordon and her puppy, Bonnie.  Bonnie is a Llapso-poo and is only 10 weeks old! We were able to prepare questions so as we could ask Mrs Gordon all about Bonnie.  One of our questions was, “What does she like to eat?” and another “Does she have a favourite toy?”.  We all got a chance to pet Bonnie and she even tried to lick some of our fingers!! Mrs Gordon also brought lots of things that Bonnie needs and we saw her sitting, giving her paw and getting some treats.


Thank you Mrs Gordon and Bonnie for coming to visit us, we really enjoyed ourselves and learnt so much.

Primary 1 Cross The Road Safely!


Mr McKittrick recently visited the Primary 1 children in their classroom. They looked at his uniform and learnt how his coat is fluorescent so he can be seen in the dark and that it has reflectors to help the cars see him.

The children went outside to practice how to cross the road safely with his help. They know to hold an adult’s hand, wait until Mr McKittrick calls them and to walk in front of him.

We remember to always say ‘thank you’ as he helps us to cross the road.