2015-2016 Archive

Primary 1 Fly To The Sun!

Primary 1 had a very exciting day as they went on an imaginary flight to the sun!  Captain Adrian Knott and his cabin crew assistant Christine came to our school to help us make our role play extra special.  Enjoy the photographs of the children checking in, waiting in the departure lounge, going through security and onboard the aircraft.  We even had our snack on board the aeroplane!  It was a very memorable day!

P1 Having Fun in the Sun!

Primary 1 have been learning how to keep cool in the sun and avoid dehydration.  This week we made ice lollies to keep us cool.  We poured diluted juice into lolly moulds and put them into the freezer.  We investigated how they changed from a liquid to a solid when frozen.  The next day we ate our lollies in the sun - a yummy Friday treat!

Primary 1 Enjoy A Visit To Streamvale Farm

Primary 1 concluded their Farm Topic with a fantastic day at Streamvale Farm!  The sun was shining and the children were able to see lots of lovely animals.  The children also got to help the farmer to feed the animals and learnt how to milk a cow.  We finished off our day with a yummy picnic and had some fun playing in the park!! 

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Primary 1 Enjoy A Visit To The Butcher's

As part of Primary 1's Farm Topic the children have been learning about 'Pigs'.  As part of their investigations they visited our village butcher's shop!  Dessie showed the children different cuts that came from the pig and gave the children cocktail sausages - free of charge!  They were delicious!!

The children returned to their classroom and cooked the sausages.  They recorded the changes from raw to cooked sausages.  They all had a fun time singing and doing the actions of our number song Ten Fat Sausages!!

Enjoy looking at the photographs of our day.

An Eventful World Book Day for Foundation Stage!


Foundation Stage had an eventful World Book Day.  They dressed up as their favourite character from their favourite book. The children were very excited to be dressed in character and they brought their own story books in too.  The children in Foundation Stage visited the Nursery to parade their fantastic costumes.  When they returned to the classroom they wrote about the whole experience in their World Around Us Books.

The children all really enjoyed their World Book Day celebrations and their costumes were fabulous!!

Primary 1 Enjoy Their First 999 Visit!

P1 are starting a new and exciting 999 topic.  They will be learning about our emergency services.  The paramedic  Mr Harrison came to visit and show the children inside the ambulance.  They got to try on helmets and really enjoyed going up and down on the lift.

Keep an eye on the website for more exciting 999 visitors!

Primary 1 Perform Superhero Assembly

Recently both the Primary 1 classes took our school assembly.  Their theme was ‘Jesus is our Superhero’ and the children all came to school dressed up as their favourite superhero!...They looked fabulous!!  They told the assembly about all the different people in their lives who are superheroes to them; their mums and dads, their teachers and their classroom assistants.  Every child used the microphone to tell the assembly who their favourite superhero was but they shared the important message that the best Superhero of them all, who came to rescue us was Jesus!  They all sang the very energetic song ‘Jesus is our Superhero!’.  Mrs Brown, Mrs Park, Mr McCambley and the rest of the school all thought that the children were superstars!!

Primary 1 Enjoy Their Baby Topic Visit

Primary 1 are currently engaged in a Baby Topic. This was reinforced recently with a visit from Mrs Morrissey and her beautiful baby boy, Charlie. The children discovered lots of new information about babies and learnt just how much a baby needs looked after and cared for.  Mrs Morrissey was able to show the children a variety of items that Baby Charlie needs. Thank you so much Mrs Morrissey and Charlie for coming to visit Primary 1.  We loved having you back in our classroom!

Primary 1 Visit The Greengrocers

Primary 1 left school on Friday and went to the Greengrocers to see what lovely fruit and vegetables they could find. Thankfully they were able to find all the items on Mrs Park’s and Mrs Brown's shopping list and they brought them back to school to taste.  Each child went home after a fun filled day with a lovely juicy apple.