2014-2015 Archive

Primary 1 Fly to the Sun

IMG 0788

Primary 1 classes recently enjoyed a real treat when parent, Pilot Adrian Knott, along with cabin crew manager, Christine McClemments, both from EasyJet (other airlines are available) took the children on a ‘flight’ to Disney World Florida. The children were given boarding cards, received tags on their luggage and boarded the plane. Christine carried out the safety checks. After everyone was checked the captain announced . . . ‘All aboard and ready for take off!’ Pilot Knott flew the plane effortlessly while Christine went along the aisle with her trolley passing out food and beverages. Finally we arrived safely at our destination and enjoyed the ice lollies we made the day before! Thank you Pilot Knott and Christine…we all had a fantastic flight experience!

Click on the link below to view more photographs of this fabulous experience:

Primary 1 Mrs Park's Class Loved Their Visit To Streamvale Farm

P1 have loved learning about all the farm animals in class and what better way to finish off their topic than with a trip to Streamvale Farm.  The children loved seeing all the animals they had learnt so much about!  They got to milk Buttercup the cow; feed milk to the goats through a bottle; feed the hens; pet the baby chicks; stroke the new farmyard puppy as well as petting and seeing many other animals including the big fat pig!  They had a wonderful, busy day…it wasn’t surprising that some of them fell asleep on the bus on the way home!

P1 Welcome Mr Beebot

Primary 1 have welcomed a new friend to their classroom, Mr Beebot. The children have been taught how to programme him so he will move in the direction they want. They think he is so clever and very cute! When he reaches their destination he flashes his eyes and makes a 'beep! beep! beep!' sound. We just love our new clever friend Mr Beebot!

P1 Develop Their Football Skills

P1 love to see Chris Wright come to school each Thursday to teach the children ball skills.

The children are being taught to dribble here, tapping the ball with their special dribble button....(you can find your dribble button on the inside of your foot, near your big toe!)

Primary 1 Make Topical Snowmen - Yum, Yum!

After the fun we've had recently playing in the snow, Mrs Brown and Mrs Park’s Primary 1 classes decided to get creative and tasty as they investigated what happens to their snowmen once the sun comes out.  They learnt that snowmen (unfortunately) have to melt…until the next snow of course when they can start building all over again! J They made some delicious melting snowman biscuits…Yum Yum!

Primary 1 Enjoy Their Baby Topic Visit

P1 are currently engaged in a Baby Topic. This was reinforced recently with a visit from one of our parents, Mrs Adair and her daughter Maisie. The children discovered lots of new information and got to see a variety of items that Baby Maisie needs. Thank you Mrs Adair and Maisie for coming to visit Primary 1…you made your big sister, who is currently in P1, very proud indeed!!