2013-2014 Archive

Items for children moving to P2 (Mrs Munce) in September

For children starting P2 Mrs Munce (current P1 Mrs Park)....It would be helpful if your child could bring the following items on their first day of Primary 2:

  • Whiteboard Pens 2 Packs (Staedler or similar)
  • 3 Pritt stick 40g
  • 1 packet of twistable crayons (made by Crayola)
  • 1 box of tissues
  • A named small bottle of water (renewed every few days)
  • Black plimsolls (named very clearly please)
  • £2.50 to cover the cost of money envelopes

(No need to send in writing pencils or rubbers-these will be provided.
Your child will continue to use their reading bag during P2 year (if you require a new reading or PE bag the cost for each will be £3.50)

Look forward to meeting you all for an exciting year in P2.

Yours sincerely
C Munce

Primary 1 Fly To The Sky!

Primary 1 classes recently enjoyed a real treat when parent, Pilot Adrian Knott, along with cabin crew member Heather both from EasyJet (other airlines are available) took the children on a ‘flight’ to Euro Disney.  The children were given boarding cards, got tags on their luggage and boarded the plane.  Heather carried out the safety checks.  After everyone was checked the captain announced . . . ‘All aboard and ready for take off!’  Pilot Knott drove the plane effortlessly while Heather went along the aisle with her trolley passing out food and beverages.  Finally we arrived safely at our destination!  Thank you Pilot Knott and Heather…we all had a fantastic day!

Primary 1 Mrs Park Perform A Colourful Assembly!

‘Spring is here!’

Primary 1 Mrs Park recently put on a colourful assembly featuring their handmade animal paper plates.  Their assembly focused on baby animals and all the wonderful things God has made.  Each child held up their animal paper plate and said in a loud clear voice what the baby animal was known as.  They finished by singing and dancing an energetic ‘lovely jubbly’ song and a beautiful prayer... ‘Dear God, Thank you for showing us your love through the beautiful things you have made.  Amen.’