2011-2012 Archive

Primary 1

Primary 1 Mrs J Usher and Mrs C Munce are located in the Foundation Stage in Classrooms 7 & 8 respectively.

Mrs Usher's Class - 2011-12

Mrs Usher's Class - 2011-12

Mrs Munce's Class - 2011-12

Mrs Munce's Class - 2011-12

Mrs Munce’s Primary 1 Assembly

p1m clipart On Friday the 27th January all classes of Waringstown Primary School enjoyed a fantastic assembly lead by Mrs Munce's Primary 1 class. The Assembly was based on the theme of 'Babies and Children', the stage was beautifully decorated to reflect this.


The children gave us the message that Jesus loves us at age 4 and 5 and anytime! The children spoke very clearly and played their part extremely well. The costumes, acting and singing were admired by all of the other classes. The Primary 1 children treated all in attendance to the poem titled ‘Best of All’, followed by the song ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children’.

P1 Mrs Munce's Class

The staff and pupils really look forward to each Friday Assembly and the children taking part have to be rewarded and praised for their participation and dedication in each performance.

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P1 Mrs Ushers Class Assembly


On Friday the 3rd February 2012, Mrs Usher's Primary 1 Class lead our whole school Assembly.

All classes from Primary 1 to Primary 7 were looking forward to the performance and listened attentively. The Assembly theme was 'When I Grow Up', in which all children had a part to play.

Everyone spoke very clearly, with clarity and expression. Each child enjoyed the experience of performing and dressing up. They sang an action song, entitled 'When I Grow Up'. Their performance included a sequence, showing growth from a baby to an adult.

P1 Assembly

The children had discussed what grown ups are able to do, eg go to work, get married, be a mum or a dad and drive a car. The children were dressed up depicting each stage and different occupations ranging from Princesses to Vets!

The finale was 'We DON'T WANT TO GROW UP! We want to stay in P1! They were reassured with the response:

There there, don't you fret
You don't have to grow up yet!
Enjoy your childhood while you may
Growing up is Years away!

All children chorused 'HOORAY!'

The assembly was introduced and closed with a Prayer by the Primary 1 children. Please click READ MORE to view the full set of pictures and to listen to our recording of the assembly!