Nursery Children Explore Oxford Island

Recently the Nursery children had great fun exploring the grounds around Oxford Island.  They ventured into the forest, hunting for mini beasts and learning about all the wildlife that live there.  The children also enjoyed a craft activity and they made their own dragonfly to take home.  They ate their lunch together and even managed to have some time to play in the park before heading home!

Nursery Enjoy Their Annual Sponsored Cycle

As part of our Happy Healthy Kids Programme this term, the children's parent's/grandparents came in to 'Stay and Play' with the children in their Nursery environment.  Inside the classroom the children were involved in a number of Fine Motor Skill Stations and outdoor they completed some Gross Motor Skills activities.  Afterwards the children all went up to the MUGA pitch for our Annual Sponsored Cycle which they really enjoyed!  A huge thank you to all the parents/grandparents who came to support their children.

Nursery Children Investigate Different Types Of Jobs

The Nursery children have been learning all about people who help us and were very excited when Jake's daddy came to visit with his Fire Engine and other Firefighters from work.

We also had a visit from Mrs Savage who taught us all about her job as a nurse.  Mrs Savage also ran our Teddy Bear's Clinic, the children loved getting their teddies attended to!

Happy Healthy Kids at Waringstown Nursery

Happy Healthy Kids is an Education Authority Initiative which aims to increase parents' understanding of the benefits of exercise for preschool children and encouraging them to increase the amount of time spent on physical activity and reducing screen time at home. The key focus of this theme is on physical activity.

Within our setting, staff are observing, assessing and skillfully planning for each child's physical, social and emotional development every day.  Staff identify skills to be developed and provide the right balance of challenge and support to help each child progress.  This programme aims to raise awareness of the importance of physical exercise, the range of skills young children need to develop and how these impact on future learning.  We will look at fine and gross motor skills and discuss ways to develop these in school and at home.

There will be an information session for parents/carers on Tuesday 26 February at 6.30pm about the Happy Healthy Kids Programme.  This will be a very informal chance to have a tea / coffee, to look at the resources and be provided with a short overview of how the programme works.

As part of this programme, parents (or grandparents!) will also be invited to a Stay and Play Session in the Nursery on Thursday 14 March at 10.30am.  This will take place before the Nursery Sponsored Cycle, which has been arranged for 11.15am on the same day.  More information to follow!

We would ask all parents to please complete the anonymous questionnaire which has been sent home with your child and return it to the Nursery by Friday 01 February 2019.

Many Thanks

Mrs C Emerson

Mr C McCambley

Digital Clinics for Nursery and Primary One Applications

Digital Clinics

To help parents/guardians overcome any digital barriers the Education Authority is hosting a number of Digital Admission Clinics. 

The clinics will operate on a drop in basis and will parents will be assisted in making their online application for a pre-school or primary place. Depending on their wishes/skills this could range from creation of an email address to submission of an application.  In addition varying levels of translation services can be accessed at the clinics.

Details of clinics will be available on the EA website and the schedule will be updated regularly at as further clinics are arranged.

The following session has been arranged for:

DATE:           Thursday, 24 January 2019

VENUE:        Lurgan Library 1 Carnegie Street, Lurgan BT66 6AS

TIME:            2.00 pm – 4.30 pm

'Big Bedtime Read' In The Nursery

This week the nursery children enjoyed a 'Big Bedtime Read' evening.  They came to school in their pyjamas with their parents for Bedtime stories as part of the 'Big Bedtime Read' Programme which Waringstown Nursery are involved in this year. The children listened to stories read by Mrs Emerson and Mrs Brown and then enjoyed a snack of milk and chocolate chip cookies! They then snuggled down for more stories with their parents before going home to bed!

Nursery Enjoy A Visit To Armagh Planetarium

The Nursery recently travelled to Armagh Planetarium to conclude their topic on 'Space'. The children enjoyed a space show in the big dome and got to see Astronaut George travelling to the different planets. They then made astronaut helmets of their own and each child got to a handle a rock that had come from space! 

A Successful Big Bedtime Read Information Evening In The Nursery

The Nursery recently had a successful evening with parents to present the Big Bedtime Read Information Evening.  Mrs Emerson led the evening and guided parents to consider the importance of the Bedtime Story, sharing tips and ideas for ways to make story telling beneficial for all our children. The evening was well attended and the parents got to see some of the new books their children will get home in their lovely new book bags.