Nursery Complete A Sponsored Cycle

This morning the sun shone for the Nursery's Sponsored Cycle where all the Nursery children cycled their bicycles or scooters around the MUGA pitch for twenty minutes. The children enjoyed themselves and their sponsorship money will go towards purchasing gardening equipment and a new outdoor shed for the Nursery. Many thanks to all the family members and friends who came to support us and who gave sponsorship money.

Nursery Children Enjoy Their Toasted Marshmallows

The Nursery children recently enjoyed using their Fire Pit for the first time! It was a lovely Spring day and they all learnt how to keep safe around the fire and then toasted some marshmallows! The children enjoyed eating their treats.  The helpers took some over to the office for Mr McCambley and Mrs Fitzpatrick to try!

Nursery Children Enjoy A Visit From The Paramedics

The Nursery children recently enjoyed a visit from two Paramedics.  The Paramedics were familiar faces to the Nursery as one was Emilee-Rae's Daddy and her Auntie Karen. They brought their ambulance car as the ambulance was needed for an emergency! The children had fun putting bandages on each other and even got a print out of their heart rate!