Nursery Graduation

The Nursery Graduation was a great success.  Mrs Emerson and Mrs Gilpin were very proud of all of the children performing on stage.  They were sad to see the class of 2014/15 leave.  Best Wishes to each child as they enter into Primary 1 in September 2015.

The Sun Shines on Nursery Sports Day!

The children enjoyed their sports day, all of the children participated in an event.  Even the parents and younger siblings were put under pressure to perform!  Mrs Emerson and Mrs Gilpin were in training also for their up and coming 10K Event!

The Nursery Enjoy Their Teddy Bear's Clinic!

Mrs McCourt recently came to visit our Nursery class to tell us about her job as a Nurse at Craigavon Hospital. We all brought our sick teddies to the Teddy Bear's Clinic and she helped make them better!

Nursery Children Enjoy A Christmas Treat at the Post House Cafe!

The children in the Nursery recently enjoyed a Christmas treat at the Post House Café. They enjoyed singing some of their Christmas songs for Anne and Susan who served them drinks and Christmas shortbread.