Welcome message from Mr C McCambley



I would like to welcome you to Waringstown Primary School's website. I trust that you will find useful and interesting information about the life and work of our school.

The school continues to have an excellent relationship with the wider community and enjoys the support and active involvement of parents and families who are kept informed of the happenings within the school community via monthly information sheets, annual reports and biannual parent teacher consultations. Our website provides another stream of positive involvement as parental and community support is greatly valued.

The primary school is situated on an elevated site in picturesque surroundings above the beautiful and historic village of Waringstown. The recent completion of the building extension and refurbishment has been a great delight to the school community and provides state of the art facilities which are attractive, welcoming and comfortable for the pupils and staff to enjoy. Its well designed classrooms are furnished with the most up to date equipment and teaching aids to enhance children's learning and help them meet the challenge of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. Every classroom, including two small group rooms has now the latest interactive whiteboards installed. The latest acquisition to our school campus is the new Nursery Unit which offers a part time day for 26 children. In achieving these new facilities the school is best placed to offer excellent educational provision for all its pupils in the school community.

My teachers continue to place the development of a caring relationship with our pupils high on their list of priorities. They work hard to fulfil the potential of every child and to make sure that each child achieves what for them is the best performance of which they are capable. Their satisfaction comes from the high standards achieved by the pupils as they make their way through the educational process.

The school's ethos is based on the quality of relationships within our school community. Everyone in and connected with the school is greatly valued and respected for the work they do. The children enjoy and benefit from a varied programme of extra curricular activities; they display the same commitment and enthusiasm as they do robustly in their formal work. As a result they attain high standards and achieve numerous successes at local and national level in various performing arts and sporting activities.

I do hope you enjoy the contents of our website.

Mr C McCambley