Our School Management Information

Our School Management Information

Address:   Waringstown Primary School
1 Banbridge Road
Co Armagh
BT66 7QH
Tel:   028 38 881367
Fax:   028 38882795
Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mr C McCambley

(Member of the Child Protection Team)
(Senior Management Team)

Vice Principal

& Head of Key Stage One


Mr M Gault

(Designated Teacher for Child Protection)
(Senior Management Team)

Head of Key Stage Two  

Mrs S Sloan
(Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection)
(Senior Management Team)

Head of Foundation Stage


Mrs J Brown

(Deputy Deignated Teacher for Child Protection)

(Senior Management Team)

Special Educational Needs



M I Somerville

(Senior Management Team)

Teaching Staff:

Primary Seven:  

Mrs J Erskine
Mrs S Sloan

Primary Six:  

Mr T Brown
Mr I Somerville (SENCO)

Primary Five:  

Mrs J Peacocke
Mrs S Williamson

Primary Four:  

Mr M Gault
Mrs D McClelland

Primary Three:  

Mrs J Matthews

Mrs J McElhinney

Primary Two:  

Mrs J Boyce / Mrs K McConville (Friday only)
Mrs C Munce

Primary One:  

Mrs K Park
Mrs J Brown

Learning Support:

Language & Literacy  

Miss D Beattie & Mrs K McConville

Mathematics & Numeracy    




Secretary/ Executive Officer
  Mrs J Fitzpatrick 
Classroom Assistants  

Miss C Hill
Miss J Carson
Mrs N Parks
Mrs A Parker
Mrs J Jenkinson
Mrs N McCracken
Mrs V McKee
Mrs J Morrissey
Mrs K Johns
Mrs L Graham

Premises Manager   Mr S McKittrick 
Ancillary Staff   Mrs H Craig
Mrs K Gibson
Mrs E Hall
Mrs K Walker
School Crossing Patrol   Mr S McKittrick 
Supervisory Assistants   Miss J Carson
Mrs K Gibson
Miss K Hill
Cook   Mrs I Curran 
Canteen Staff   Mrs T Beattie
Mrs M Leathem
Mrs C Lyle