Cycling Proficency

Cycling Proficiency


Mrs J Erskine

Terms Two
& Three

Tuesday 2.30 – 3.30 pm

Friday 2.45 - 3.45 pm

(Weather permitting!)

Split over two days due to large numbers

Cycling Proficiency is an after school activity provided for both girls and boys of Primary 7. Any child in Primary 7 is welcome to take part provided they have a safe, working bicycle suited to their height and a correctly fitting helmet.

Each afternoon the children will receive training in both the theory and practical aspects of the cycling proficiency scheme and this takes place within the grounds of our school, weather permitting!!

The children will be formally trained in how to ride a bicycle safely, learn some rules of the road and how to negotiate junctions. The activity takes place in a safe environment with the children all having plenty of fun while doing so!

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Cycling Proficiency usually starts towards the end of the second term and runs right through most of the third term. At the end of the ten week course the children are tested on both the practical and theory aspect and if they reach the required standard receive a badge and certificate in recognition of their achievement

Cycling is a fantastic activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle for children!