PSB - 'What a day!'

What a was awful....I mean...AMAZING!!!

We got up 'early' (and by that I mean very early), had our breakfast and straight into activities including an Adventure Walk, High Ropes and kayaking! Then it was time for lunch!

After a bit of free time we got all packed up and headed to Castlewellan to do some orienteering. Basically, there were numerous points around the lake that we had to find, and using the clues on the maps that our instructors gave us, we had to find lots of answers. Around the lake is a two and a half mile path, which meant a looooonnnng walk for us (and cycle for the teachers!!)

We then travelled back to Shannaghmore and had a great dinner.

After a little more free time, we then got together with our walking boots, long trousers and was time to complete the infamous NIGHT LINE! What made this all the better was that just before we started, Mr Brown arrived with his family. A big thankyou to Mr Brown for the sugar rush and sweets, which definitely helped us complete the following task! Mr Brown and his family then helped us complete the night line course, which was great!

Once finished, we walked back to base and who appeared, but Mr McCambley! He came bearing more edible gifts! Thankyou!

Movie night then took place, where we watched 'Annie' (as voted for by the majority of P6B). As you can see from the picture, we had a very healthy super during the movie!

As I started, I'm going to finish....WHAT A DAY!

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