Shannaghmore Trip Blog - 2013

Final Morning of Shannaghmore 2013


Morning all.  I really cannot believe that we are getting up on the final morning of the P6 residential trip to Shannaghmore. Time really does fly when you are having fun.  Yet again ALL the children slept like logs last night and they were all still asleep at 8:00am! They have been so active, they really have not stopped since they arrived.  I also have to commend this group for how well they behaved, they have been super and you should all be very proud of them.  


The last morning is still a very busy and action packed one.  We all have our final activities to go on and then get all of our gear handed back into the stores. Of course before we head home we will also get another lovely lunch, the food here really is excellent!


All of the children have had such a great adventure and they will have so much to tell you about when they get home. Don’t forget that you can collect the children from 2pm back in Waringstown PS.  


I just want to take the opportunity, to thank all the teachers who have come up to Shannaghmore and given up their time, without them freely giving this, Shannaghmore just would not happen.  Though I think in truth some of them enjoy it as much if not more than the children! Your hard work is really appreciated so thank you. 


I trust that all is well back home looking forward to seeing everyone,


Mr Somerville

P6B Day 2


Good Morning From Shannaghmore! All is well here at the centre this morning.  The weather is overcast but pleasant.  The children slept well, but are now beginning to stir. A healthy breakfast awaits at 8:30, then we will be off to our next activity.  The children are all looking forward to having a wonderful action packed day, full of new experiences.


Everyone is having such a wonderful time and are really getting the most out of their experience. They all have so many stories to tell you already and will be full of their adventures when they get home. Dont forget the bus will be back just shortly after 2pm on Friday. Please make arrangements to have your children collected as close to 2pm as possible.  


Only one more sleep then home,


The Shannaghmore team.

P6B First Day at Shannagmore...and a Surprise Visitor!


Wow! What a great day here at Shannaghmore.  It was really busy with P6S finishing off a great three days and P6B arriving to begin their own three days of adventure. P6B have settled in really well having a really lovely lunch of chips and hot dogs, then it was off to get all their outdoor gear and on to activities.  Two groups went canoeing and a third group went on the ropes course and the climbing wall.  When everyone was back we had a delicious dinner of potatoes and chicken and a tasty desert.  Everyone was then off to the beach for a great walk where all the children found many “treasures” and saw some wonderful sights on what was a stunning evening. 


Everyone was back safe and sound, minding their own business, about to go for supper when a surprise visitor arrived...Mr. Brown had made the trip the whole way down to Shannaghmore carrying with him a bag full of sweets for everyone! It was so great to see him and P6B had a lovely evening with their teacher. He even left a some sweets for the teacher.  How very kind of him.


All are in bed and drifting of to sleep to dream of all the wonderful things that tomorrow has in store for them.  Don't forget to check the blog and maybe leave us a comment as the children love to hear them.


Only two more sleeps then home,


The Shannaghmore team!