Shannaghmore Trip Blog - 2012

Shannaghmore Day 3 - Beach Walk and sign off for the day

What another great day at Shannaghmore. P6S left after lunch full of exciting stories to tell when they got home. P6B arrived and have started their very own adventure! A great day has been had by all.

In the evening Mr. Brown and Mr. Mitchell came up to join the class for the beach walk and stayed for supper! Everyone was really excited to see them and Mr Brown was really helpful at identifying things found at the beach.

All is now quiet and everyone is getting started on a good nights sleep, as we will all need to be full of energy for tomorrow's activities.

Tomorrow, we wont be able to get any picture or video updates onto the blog until after 6pm. However, all your comments during the day will continue to come straight to our mobiles for passing on to the children - so please keep them coming.

Night all,

The Shannaghmore Team.