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Welcome to the 2011 P6 Shannaghmore Trip Blog! If you followed the P7 London Trip Blog, you'll know what to expect... daily updates, plenty of pictures and some podcasts too!

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So the end is near...

Hard to believe that it is the final morning! And wow, what a great trip we have had. All the boys, girls and teachers have had a ball. Despite what the weather forecast said last Friday we have had a beautiful sunny week,with the weather only breaking and rain coming in this morning. It is hard to believe that the second group P6B are all packed up and getting ready to go to their last activity before going home. Time flies when you're having fun I guess! Over the past few days, everyone has had amazing adventures and will hopefully have loads of stories to tell when they return home and memories that will last a lifetime. Hoping all is well back home. We will see you all soon, The Shannaghmore team.